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Publications of Lin-Wang Wang


     Device_simulation   (Linear scaling electronic device simulaitons, 2020)
     Large_scale_DFT   (Large scale DFT simulations, 2019)
     ML_FF_2019   (Machine learning force field development, 2019)
     WKM_APS_2019   (Wannier Koopmans method, APS, 2019)
     Battery Materials   (Battery material calculations 2018)
     Interconnect calculation   (Charge transport in interconnect 2018)
     TDDFT Calculations   (TDDFT calculations in 2018)
     Charge transfer calculations   (Charge transfer calculations in 2018)
     Methodology developments_2018   (Summary of a few methodology developments in 2018)
     LS3DF GPU implementation   (LS3DF GPU implementation 2017)
     University_Illinois_2016   (Nanostructure simulaitons and quantum dot surface passivations)
     Charge_transport_2015   (Charge transport calculations)
     Nano_calculations_Jan_2012   (An introduction talk for graduate students about computational Nanoscience)
     Tsinghua_Jan_2012   (A talk given at Tsinghua Univ. Jan. 2012)
     SC11_DFT_GPU   (The talk in SC11 for DFT calculation on GPU machines)
     RPI_09   (The talk given at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2009)
     SC08_Gordon_Bell   (The talk in SC08 for Gordon Bell prize for the LS3DF calculations)
     PhotonicsWest08   (The talk in Photonics West 2008, most for quantum dots and wires)
     comp_nanoscience_2006   (An introduction talk for computational nanoscience given in 2006)
     math_material_science_2006   (An talk for mathematical issues in electronic structure calculations given in 2006)   (A 3D PbS nanocrystal model passivated by Oleic Acid)   (A 3D PbS nanocrystal model passivated by truncated Oleic Acid)
     Computational Material Science and Nano Science
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