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Publications of Lin-Wang Wang

   Media Coverage

     A better Anode for a Better Lithium-Ion Battery

     Silicon/polymer combo offers lithium-ion batteries higher capacity

     New conductive polymer addresses volumetric change issue with silicon anodes

     A Better lithium-ion battery on the way

     Scaling the Nanowire

     Nanostructural problem-solvers

     Berkeley Lab Team Wins Special ACM Gordon Bell Prize

     Berkeley Lab team wins special ACM Gordon Bell Prize for algorithm innovation

     Supercomputer Simulation to Study Organic Solar Cells

     A New Model of Quantum Dots: Rethinking the Electronics

     Nanocrystal Transformers: Berkeley Lab Researchers Observe Structural Transformations in Single Nanocrystals

     Nanocrystal Transformers

     Supercomputing Heats Up Solar Energy

     For platinum catalysts, smaller may be better

     Quantum Coaxial Cable Solar Cell

     DOE Physicists at Work


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